Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Three Ways To Prevent Premature Air Conditioner Breakdown

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You rely on your air conditioner to work properly to keep you and your family comfortable when it's hot outside and how you treat your air conditioner can directly impact the unit's ability to operate properly well into the future. While you don't have to be mechanically inclined to prolong the life of this unit, it's important to learn a few key steps to take to achieve this desirable goal. Get the whole family involved with these three steps and it should be a long time before the unit needs any major repairs.

Ensure The Airflow Isn't Impeded

To cool your home to the desired temperature, your air conditioner needs to be able to pump cold air into your home and have it circulate. When the airflow is impeded by any number of sources, it will take longer for the inside temperature to drop, which means your unit will run longer than necessary. This extra use can shorten the life of the A/C. Check the vents throughout your home to make sure they're open, move any curtains that fall directly onto the vents and slide any furniture off the vents. These strategies will help your home cool quickly and allow the unit to shut off and rest.

Give The Unit A Break At Night

While it's desirable to run your air conditioning around the clock when it's extremely warm outside, you don't need to take this same approach when the weather is more moderate -- and especially when the temperature dips overnight. If the nighttime temperature is comfortable, turning off the A/C in the evening and using a combination of open windows and fans can help keep your home cool while you sleep. Then, you can close up your windows in the morning and get the air conditioner running to keep your home cool during the heat of the day.

Don't Pump Heat Into Your Home Unnecessarily

Anything that adds heat to your home when the air conditioner is on will force the unit to run longer, which puts extra strain on it and can shorten its life. Typical heat-adding culprits are your stove and oven, as well as your dryer. While you won't be able to get around some use of these appliances, try to use them at night when it's cooler or seek alternatives, such as using a clothesline in your yard instead of the dryer when it's hot.

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