Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

How To Use A House Fan To Increase AC Efficiency

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With enough airflow, you can keep any structure cool, but you should not have to turn your home into a wind tunnel to cool your house. Using a house fan during the day is not very practical because house fans are most efficient when you open your windows, which means that during the day your fan will pull hot air into your house even as it vents hot air out. Thus, house fans do not make sense as a primary cooling system, but they can still make sense when used as a secondary cooling system to relieve the strain on your AC unit. 

What Is the Attraction of a House Fan?

One of the most expensive home appliances to operate is the AC unit. Thus, if you can find ways to not use your AC system, you stand to save a lot of money. Simply turning off your AC altogether and doing nothing to cool your home really doesn't make sense, but if you can find a system that uses less electricity than an AC unit, you can run it instead. House fans use 90% less electricity than an AC system. As mentioned above, a house fan does not work as a primary cooling system, but you can still use one to effectively cool your home. 

How to Use a House Fan

When outside temperatures start to fall a night, your house can retain heat for quite some time, maybe even hours. By opening your windows and turning on your house fan, you can pump hot air out of your house even as you pump cool air in. In this way, a house fan can cool your house in a matter of minutes and can keep your home cool through the night. If you have a basement, your house fan can cool the cement in your house enough that it can be used as a reserve of cold energy that can then be used to help keep your home cool later into the morning. All told, a house fan can help you to use less electricity than you could by trusting all your cooling to your AC unit.

Many homes only have an AC unit. This simply is not the case. As long as you live in an area that has cool nighttime temperatures, you have no reason to take the V out of HVAC. Instead, you should install a house fan and use it to put a huge dent in your cooling costs. For more information, contact a business such as Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services.   


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