Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

How Can You Add Air Conditioning To A Home With No Ducts?

Jessica Jimenez

In homes with forced air heating, adding an air conditioning installation is simple. Your technician just hooks the air conditioner up to the existing ductwork. But what if your home does not have forced air heating? What if you have boiler-style heating or electric baseboard heating, and therefore don't have any ducts in your home? You can still enjoy air conditioning. Likely, your HVAC contractor will recommend a type of system called ductless air conditioning.

What is a ductless air conditioning system?

Ductless air conditioning transports the air though outdoor tubes rather than indoor ducts. This type of system consists of a condensing unit, which is placed outside your home, as well as several air handling units, which are mounted on the walls in your home.  The condensing unit gathers air from the outdoor and cools it, and then the air is pulled through a series of tubes to the air handling units, which blow it into your home.

The number of air handling units you'll have will depend on the size of your home. In a small home, you might have just one unit on each floor. In a larger home, you may have an air handling unit in each big room or living area. Each unit can be controlled separately, so you can set the temperature in one area to 76 degrees and the temperature in another area to 68 degrees if you so please.

How much will a ductless air conditioning system cost?

The cost of your ductless AC system will depend on the size of your home. Costs range from $2,500 to $7,000 including installation. If your contractor needs to pour a concrete pad upon which to place the condensing unit or upgrade your electrical wiring to meet code requirements, your costs may be higher.

Are there any challenges to be aware of when it comes to ductless AC systems?

Ductless AC systems are effective, efficient, and comparable in price to duct-style AC systems. The main challenge that owners of this type of system sometimes deal with is the placement of the air handling units on the walls. The placement of these units can sometimes interfere with your decorating scheme, since you can't put furniture or décor over the units – and they're not always the most attractive thing. However, there is some flexibility as to where on your walls the units can be placed, and your HVAC tech can work with you to choose the least cumbersome location for your air handlers.


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