Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Two Reasons to Utilize a Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Jessica Jimenez

Trying to pick out a new air conditioner for your home can often be a bit challenging, mostly because there are so many different types and models of air conditioner, each with their own set of benefits and advantages. However, one type of air conditioner that you will not want to overlook is a window-mounted unit. Listed below are two reasons to consider a window-mounted air conditioner.

Save Electricity

One of the biggest concerns that many people have when utilizing an air conditioner is how much electricity the unit will use while cooling the home. With a standard central-air unit, the cold air is distributed to the entire house. This is great for quickly cooling the house down, but it isn't very efficient. The reason for this is that electricity is being expended to cool even empty rooms. 

With a window-mounted air conditioner, you will have to buy a separate unit for every room that needs cooling. This allows you to have more control over how the house is cooled by allowing you to shut air conditioners off when you leave a room and turn another one on as you enter a room. This prevents you from wasting a lot of electricity cooling rooms that no one is using or occupying.

Save Time

A major problem with installing a central-air system is that it is not a simple project. In most cases, you will be waiting several days while multiple technicians work to install your central-air system. This is especially inconvenient if you need an air conditioner as soon as possible because your current unit died in the middle of summer.

However, a window-mounted air conditioner does not require a lot of work to install, and people can typically do the installation themselves. When you install a window-mounted air conditioner yourself, you can reasonably expect to complete the project in about an hour.

The process typically only requires that you open your window, remove the window screen, rest the unit on the window sill, and close the window into the groove or slot on the top of the unit. Once that is done, you only need to worry about sealing off the rest of the window to keep pests out and cool air in, which can be done with the expandable panels that most window-mounted units are packaged with and that are meant to be attached to the side of the unit and fastened to your window sill. 

Contact an HVAC contractor today in order to discuss which type of HVAC installation would be the best fit for your home and what benefits a window-mounted unit can provide. A window-mounted unit is a great option that can save a lot of electricity and time.


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