Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Tips For Heating Your Home Safely

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Heating is essential in any home in the U.S. Without proper heating, your house will not only be uncomfortable in the winter, but it may also be unsafe. However, heating also creates a number of risks that shouldn't be ignored. Many fires have occurred due to heating related problems, resulting in loss of lives and property.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that you keep your house warm and comfortable without endangering the lives of those inside.

Use Space Heaters With Care

Space heaters are very convenient when you want to stay warm in your home. If there are parts of your home that aren't warm enough, space heaters offer an easy solution. However, these heaters also pose a number of risks. They can be easily knocked over and their cables can easily wear down, both of which are fire risks. Additionally, they must be connected to extension cords that are designed to withstand the amount of current they need or else it may cause problems.

Space heaters shouldn't be used as primary heat sources and should be placed far from combustible items or substances. To reduce the risk of falling over, they should be placed on level surfaces.

Watch Out for Poisonous Gases

As far as heating is concerned, it's easy to assume that fire will always be the enemy. However, you should be just as concerned about poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide. Use these tips to prevent these gases from building up in your home:

  • Avoid burning junk wood or anything with varnish

  • Have an air monitor to keep an eye on carbon monoxide levels

  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected every year

Keep Your Fireplace Safe

While providing a lot of heat, a wood burning fireplace can pose a serious fire hazard to your home. To use your fireplace safely, use these safety measures:

  • Use small bundles of wood

  • Use a fire screen to ensure popping embers don't fly into the room

  • Stoke and clean the fireplace every once in a while

  • Keep pets and children away from the glass screens because these can get very hot

  • Remove soot from previous fires etc.

Use a Modern Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is a great solution to staying warm without using up money to heat up an entire room. If you have a blanket with a shut-off mechanism such as the newer types, you can use the blanket without the risk of them overheating.

Get in touch with a heating contractor to find out other ways that you can keep your home warm and safe.


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