Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Jessica Jimenez

You don't want your air conditioner running twenty-four hours a day. Keeping your air conditioner constantly on stresses out your unit, which is why you should make sure that you are taking additional steps to keep the cool air inside of your home and to keep your home cool.

#1 Seal Well Around Windows & Doors

Much of the heat that is lost in a home happens around the windows and doors. Look at your doors and see if you can feel air coming in around your door frame. You may need to add a thin layer of insulation around the inside of your door frame to ensure that your door seals tight on all sides. Along the bottom of your door frame you may need to add a weather stripping or a new door jamb to keep air from escaping out the bottom of your door.

For your windows, you may need to use caulking to seal around the edges of your window. Your window may also contain worn-out weather stripping that you need to replace to keep air from seeping out around your windows.

#2 Use Fans to Circulate Air

Feeling cool is not just about the temperature of the air; it is also about the circulation of air in your home. When air blows over your body, it can help keep your body cool and lift up sweat from your body.

If you have any ceiling fans in your home, turn them on and keep the air circulating to keep your home cool. If you can control the direction your fans run, have them run counter-clockwise. A counter-clockwise fan will help create more of a breeze. Invest in a few fans and use them in your bedroom or areas where you hang out the most frequently. This can help you feel cool and rely on your air conditioner a little less.

You can also use your exhaust fans to cool off your home. Turn on the kitchen and bathroom exhaust to pull heat out of those rooms while you are using them. Cooking and even taking hot showers can add lots of heat to your home.

#3 Invest in Window Coverings

Finally, invest in window coverings for your home. Blinds and curtains can help you control the amount of sunlight and heat that comes into your home. Draw your blinds and curtains closed when the heat is hitting that part of your home. Doing so will help keep some of the residual heat out of your home and help keep it cooler.

Decrease the stress on your air conditioner by sealing up your windows and doors to keep the cool air from escaping from your home. Use ceiling and box fans to cool things off with air circulation. Finally, add some window coverings so you can keep the heat out of your home when it is being hit by the sun.

Contact a professional air conditioner service for more information.


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