Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Learn Why Fall Is The Best Time To Replace Your A/C System

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Air conditioning is an absolute necessity in most U.S. homes, which makes a new unit one of the best investments you can make in your home. However, deciding when to make that investment can seem challenging. Despite having 365 days — and an extra day on leap years — to make that decision, there are only a few times during the year when an A/C replacement makes sense.

As you look forward to the falling leaves of autumn, read on and learn why this particular time of year is a good time to invest in a new A/C system.

Better Availability

Ever notice how hard it is sometimes to book A/C service during the late spring and summer? These months are a peak time for cooling — and a time when most technicians are booked solid. The wait for an A/C installation during the height of the cooling season can span days or even weeks.

In comparison, the fall months are a bit less hectic due to a lower demand for emergency A/C repairs. Thanks to wider seasonal availability, you'll have a better chance of successfully booking an appointment with your HVAC technician.

Better Selection

If you're having a new A/C system installed during the summer, chances are you need a new unit right away. That urgency, combined with faster inventory turnover, can lead to slim pickings when it comes to A/C system choice. You won't have much time to mull over your choices, especially when A/C units are flying off the showroom floor due to seasonal demand.

A fall installation not only gives you more choices, but you'll also have more time to research and consider your pick.

Bigger Savings

Lower demand for new A/C systems during the fall also means a lower price sticker on current A/C models. Manufacturers and HVAC contractors will usually make room for the latest A/C models by clearing out old stock with deep discounts. The result is a golden opportunity to snag the system your home needs for a drastic discount.

Combined with available local and federal tax credits, you won't have to pay much for a brand-new A/C system.

Better Peace of Mind

The last thing you want on your mind is to worry over whether your A/C system can survive the next summer. If your current A/C system already has a hard time keeping up with your home's cooling demands, investing in a new A/C unit this fall can help put those worries to rest.

For more information, contact an AC service in your area.


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