Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Things That Can Cause Your Heating System To Stop Working

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When you depend on a boiler or forced hot air furnace to heat your home in the winter, and the furnace or boiler stops working, dealing with the problem quickly and getting the furnace running is critical. Some everyday things can affect the furnace and cause it to stop running without a lot of warning. If you suspect any of these things, call a heating tech to come to check out the furnace.

Contaminated Fuel

Fuel that has an excessive amount of water or dirt in it can be a real problem for your furnace. Often the water will freeze and block the lines. If the water does make it to the furnace, injecting the water into the furnace can cause it to shut down. The water can damage the firebox as well, causing it to cool quickly and the iron to crack when the water hits.

Water can also cause premature rust and corrosion in the system, so it is vital to remove any water in the system as soon as you can. If there is water in your fuel tank, the heating company may recommend pumping out the tank or adding some water displacing additives to the tank. There are also water-absorbing socks that go into the tank and absorb all the water, so discuss the options with the heating tech and see what they recommend.

Faulty Parts

Parts failing on your heating system is inevitable because as the parts age, wear starts to become a factor. A part like the nozzle in the burner can erode and then stop working with regular use over time. The best way to avoid failing parts is to have the heating system maintained yearly, and before the heating season starts.

When the tech finds a problem, repairing it so that it does not break down during the winter heating season is essential. Most service packages include cleaning the system, changing the filters, and checking all the components that could cause a failure in the system, and they are not expensive.

Electronic Issues

Electronics on your furnace are often found in the form of the furnace controller and fan controllers on the system. There are other parts as well that have some electronics in them, but the one that offers the most concern is the controller for the furnace.

If the controller stops working, the furnace will no longer run. Replacing the controller is not something you want to do as a preventive step. Still, the tech can check it and make sure all the wires are in good condition and the board does not have any flash marks from a short circuit on it and replace it if there is a problem with it.

For more information, contact a heating service in your area.


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