Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

A Working Air Conditioner That Doesn't Cool

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There are numerous things in a house that a homeowner can usually repair on their own, but a central air conditioning system isn't usually one of them. One problem that homeowners sometimes find complicated about repairing an air conditioner on their own is that the system is complicated, such as there are numerous parts. Although certain problems can be pinpointed to a specific part of the system, there is also the possibility of several parts being responsible for a single problem. For example, when an air conditioning system runs but doesn't decrease the temperature, it can be due to several problems. A technician should be hired to figure out what is causing the problem as quickly as possible and ensure that it is properly repaired to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Low Coolant Due to Possible Leaks

Without coolant, a central air conditioning system will not be able to decrease the temperature in a house. Basically, you might be able to turn the system on, but the temperature in the house will remain the same. The reason for such a situation is due to the need for coolant to keep the evaporator coil cold while the system is running. A technician will usually check an air conditioning system for coolant leaks, such as to find out if water or Freon is seeping out. they might need to replace a damaged coolant line, but refilling the system with coolant might be the only thing that is needed.

The Condition of the System Coils

An air conditioning system might also run but not cool down a house when there is something wrong with one or both of the coils. The coil that is used for removing heat is called the condenser, and it basically sends heat out of the house when the air conditioner is running. There is also a coil that cools warm air down, which is called the evaporator. A common problem that can cause both of the coils to malfunction is a large amount of dirt accumulating on them, which can easily be removed by a technician. There is also the possibility that the coils are damaged and need to be replaced.

An Important Part Is Worn Out

An important part of a central air conditioning system is the blower fan assembly. The system can be turned on as usual when the fan is damaged, but you might not feel any air. A technician can inspect the blower fan for dirt, damage, or to find out if it has fallen apart. 

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Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

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