Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning Installation With More Efficient Cooling Technology To Lower Energy Costs

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When you are thinking about replacing your old air conditioner, there are a lot of options to install a more efficient system. Some of these options include high-efficiency AC units, and others include completely new cooling technology to maximize the efficiency of your home. The following air conditioning installation information can help you choose the right AC system for the cooling needs of your home:

Radiant Cooling and Hydro-Air

One of the newest technologies to use to cool your home is radiant cooling, which works like radiant heating. The difference with radiant cooling systems is that they absorb the heat rather than radiate the heat like with radiators. Today, there are also hydro-air systems that are used with a boiler to provide heating. This same concept can be used to provide cooling by circulating chilled fluids through the heat exchange—providing you a type of radiant cooling with a conventional forced-air system of ducts.

Electric AC Heat Pumps

Another option to consider is an electric heat pump. These AC heat pumps can be a single fuel system if you only have mild winter weather and don't need a conventional furnace. If you need more than just cooling, you might want to consider a dual fuel heat pump, which also has auxiliary heating. The auxiliary heat source for a dual fuel heat pump usually uses gas like propane to keep your home warm if it's too cold for the heat pump to work efficiently.

Efficient Geothermal Technology

You might want to consider geothermal cooling system designs. These systems use a geothermal HVAC pump to provide the energy for your AC systems. A geothermal AC can be much more efficient than many other types of cooling systems. These systems are an efficient solution for both the heating and cooling of your home. Geothermal systems will cost a little more because of the geothermal loop that needs to be installed, but they typically require fewer repairs and last longer than conventional air conditioning systems.

Hybrid Evaporative Cooler AC

Hybrid evaporative coolers are another option to consider for your home's cooling system. These systems are a hybrid mix of evaporative cooling and conventional AC systems. They provide a solution for cooling in dry climates, but the hybrid systems have a component for humid conditions as well. With a hybrid evaporative cooler, the conventional AC will turn on when the weather is too humid.

Installing a new air conditioner with the right technology can reduce your home's energy consumption next summer. Call an air conditioning installation service to discuss installing these technologies for your home's cooling needs.


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