Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Effective Ways For Blocking Air Conditioning System Noise

Jessica Jimenez

Does your air conditioning system stop you from sleeping peacefully every night? While the humming and whirring of the AC might not be an issue to some people, it may be frustrating to others. 

Luckily, you can call in an air conditioning service provider to help you reduce the AC noise. These AC specialists understand the importance of keeping your house air-conditioned but will ensure you don't trade off comfort for a noisy AC. Here are some best solutions they consider to block AC noise if the unit is functioning optimally.

Fixing the Surface

The AC can produce a lot of noise if the surface it's installed on is unsteady. This causes the unit to vibrate against the surface, making unnecessary noise. Your AC contractor can help you fix this issue by softening the vibrations with foam or smoothing out the surface to ensure the unit is stable.

They will start by removing the unit from the wall or floor to check the condition of the surface. If it's not smooth, they may use a material like wood or cement to ensure the unit doesn't rock around after installation. Some foam pads may be added around the AC to prevent vibrations and absorb shocks and any noise.

Getting a Sound Blanket

Another cost-effective way to block noise is by installing a sound blanket. This will act as the noise barrier because it's usually customized to fit the unit's actual size. You may also get a universal sound blanket if the unit's manufacturer cannot provide a custom one. 

Both coverings take a few minutes to install, and you will immediately notice a significant noise reduction. Besides blocking noise, the sound blanket also promotes the overall functioning of the AC. It will boost air circulation, ensuring that the unit doesn't overheat.

Turning Down the Speed

If the air conditioning unit runs at high speed, it will likely be noisier. After all, its components will be working hard to cool the house. Turning the unit's speed down may provide some peace. Before the contractor turns the pace down, they will determine if the new setting can still cool the house as desired with minor disturbance.

Replacing the AC

When all ways of blocking AC noise fail may be because the unit is too old, your contractor may recommend replacing the air conditioner. Upgrading the unit will allow you to stop the noise and get a more energy-efficient model. So, as you shop, look for quieter models and ensure it's a suitable size for your home or room, so it doesn't overwork.


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