Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Boiler Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Jessica Jimenez

Improper boiler maintenance can make it far more difficult for you to effectively keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter months. There are a few boiler maintenance mistakes that some people may be especially prone to experiencing.

Not Addressing Issues That Water Quality Issues Could Create

Water quality issues can create some major problems for your home's boiler system. If your property has low-quality water, you may find that this could result in the boiler developing problems due to the sediments and minerals that may be lowering the quality of your home's water. If these issues are not addressed, the boiler will gradually experience deteriorating performance and the potential for substantial internal clogs. If possible, installing a water softener can minimize the problems that hard water could cause for your boiler. For sediment-rich water, a carbon filtration system may be sufficient for removing these particles from the water before it enters the boiler. However, if this is not a viable option, the boiler will need to be serviced more frequently to account for these accumulations.

Not Having The Boiler Serviced And Inspected Regularly

Some homeowners may only think about having their boiler system serviced once it has started to show signs of severe performance problems. This can deny the unit much-needed routine maintenance. Without routine maintenance and service inspections, it could be possible for the boiler to gradually develop severe problems that could make it harder to heat your home, require far more energy than normal, and even cause severe damage to the unit. At a minimum, you should have your boiler serviced by a professional technician at least once a year.

Not Monitoring The Boiler's Overall Performance

Being able to identify issues with your boiler as soon as possible can be important for limiting the overall severity of the problems that it will experience. One way of monitoring potential performance issues can be paying attention to the energy used by your boiler. If you notice that your boiler is consistently using more energy than normal, this can often indicate that there is an issue starting to develop with the unit. Waiting for an increasing trend in the energy usage of the boiler to develop is important as there may be some months when your system will simply have to use more energy than normal. An example of this could be during a month that may be especially cold for long periods of time. 

For more information about boiler services, contact a local company. 


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