Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

3 Small Parts That Might Fail On Your Furnace

Jessica Jimenez

Your furnace has a few small parts that can wear out quicker than some of the more durable parts that last the lifetime of your furnace. You should probably expect to need furnace repairs occasionally to replace one of these parts. It doesn't mean your furnace is going bad, it just means the parts are old and at the end of their lifespan. Here are some parts that might go bad with your furnace and cause you to call a furnace repair company for help.

1. The Blower Capacitor 

A capacitor is a relatively inexpensive part that may not last as long as your furnace. When it stops working, your furnace blower may not start up, and without the blower, no warm air will blow out the ducts. A furnace repair technician can diagnose and fix this problem fairly easily. All they have to do is disconnect the old capacitor and put in a new one.

2. The Gas Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is another small and inexpensive part that might go bad. When it does, your furnace may not start up. The flame sensor is a safety device that detects if flames are burning. If it doesn't detect them, it shuts down gas so gas won't flow into the furnace and not ignite.

A flame sensor might get coated with carbon and need to be cleaned, but the sensor is fragile, and cleaning it might break it. Since the part is not too expensive, the furnace repair technician may replace rather than clean it. If the part is bad, it needs to be replaced since it can't be repaired.

3. Flame Rollout Limit Switch

The flame rollout limit switch monitors airflow around the gas burners. If there's a problem with the airflow, the switch shuts the furnace down. If the switch is broken, it may shut the furnace down even if the airflow is fine. The limit switch may have a reset button. If so, the furnace repair technician can press it to see if the switch starts working again.

If the switch still malfunctions, it will need to be replaced. Once the repair technician removes the switch from the furnace, they can test it with a multimeter to confirm it's bad before putting in a new switch.

These are just three small parts that might go bad in your furnace. There are several other parts, large and small, that can break down and cause similar problems with your furnace. The furnace repair technician often has to figure out the issue by testing parts to find the faulty part and replace it to get your furnace going again.


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