Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

  • 4 Reasons You Keep Experiencing Low Airflow In The Home

    Low indoor airflow is a regular heating and air conditioning system problem. If you have wondered why your house feels hot and stuffy despite having a working air conditioner, you might be experiencing an inadequate flow of air indoors. According to air conditioning professionals, low airflow is caused by friction and turbulence. However, AC system issues can also cause this problem. Here are the four main reasons you might be experiencing insufficient airflow in the house.

  • What's A Circulator Pump, And How Does It Affect Your Home's Heat?

    Hydronic heating systems use circulating hot water to keep your home warm. Your home has a hydronic system if you have radiators, radiant floor heating, or non-electric baseboard heaters. Older hydronic systems use to rely on steam pressure to carry heat through your home, but most modern designs rely on a circulator pump to keep water moving. The role of the circulator pump isn't hard to understand. This pump creates the internal pressure necessary to move hot water to your heaters and back to your boiler, where it can be heated once again.

  • What Can Fail On Your Furnace's Control Board?

    Like most modern appliances, your furnace needs an electronic control board to manage its many functions. Although most furnaces use relatively simple control hardware, this component is still critical to its operation. The board signals your furnace to begin heating and runs through the bevy of checks necessary to keep it operating reliably and safely. Unfortunately, control boards aren't immune to failure. These electronic components can occasionally cause issues with your heating system, especially if exposed to excessive heat or soot due to another problem with the furnace.

  • Heating Repairs That Could Be Needed When Your Heat Pump Develops Problems In The Winter

    A heat pump cools your house in the summer and then switches to heat your home in the winter. It gets a lot of work throughout the year, but if you maintain the equipment well, you can avoid breakdowns. However, problems might arise now and then, and when your heat pump isn't working properly, it's important to have repairs done promptly. Here are some heating repairs the pump might need if it stops working in the winter.

  • Air Conditioning Installation With More Efficient Cooling Technology To Lower Energy Costs

    When you are thinking about replacing your old air conditioner, there are a lot of options to install a more efficient system. Some of these options include high-efficiency AC units, and others include completely new cooling technology to maximize the efficiency of your home. The following air conditioning installation information can help you choose the right AC system for the cooling needs of your home: Radiant Cooling and Hydro-Air One of the newest technologies to use to cool your home is radiant cooling, which works like radiant heating.

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Everything You Should Know About Heat Pumps

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